Monthly Challenges

Resources from the “Choose Your Own Habit” Challenge (January 2019)

Take a look at a plan to help you develop a new, healthy habit.

Resources from the “Take Two for You” Challenge (December 2018)

Here are some ideas for how you can take time to nourish and replenish yourself.

Resources from the Happiness Challenge (October 2018)

Some of the suggestions for this challenge might be easy for you, some might be more of a challenge, and some might leave you saying, “huh?”  For some of the ideas that might be more tough, we’ve linked resources to help you out.  Go get ’em!

Take a look at some resources on our Mindful MCPASD site is another wonderful site to explore

Create a gratitude log
Create a gratitude journal and stick to it
Not a journaler? Here are some other ways to practice gratitude.

Make someone smile
101 simple ways to make someone smile
101 random acts of kindness

Free journal for at least five minutes
For this task, you simply sit down, put pen on paper and start to write.  There are no right or wrongs.  All you’re doing is unloading what is on your mind.  You could start with thinking about your day, what happened, something that made you smile, a problem you’re having, whatever.  But anything that comes into your mind after that, you write.  You might start writing about how your morning went and end up with a list of where you’d like to vacation in your life.  You simply start writing and whatever comes out, comes out.  There is no judgement.  Who knows? You might be surprised what comes out.  

Do yoga
8 minute yoga routine
10 minutes of morning yoga for beginners
Local yoga studios your could check out (usually you can try your first class for free): Bliss Flow, Inner Fire, Dragonfly

Declutter one area in your home
10 creative ways to declutter your home
How to declutter your house to reduce anxiety and stress

Go for a hike
6 Madison area trails to try this fall

Cook from scratch
Low effort, healthy recipes  
31 freezer crock pot meals. Idea: I often take a weekend day to make my grocery list, go shopping, prep and assemble a handful of meals for the crock pot, then freeze them.  I take them out in the morning and toss them into the crock pot before I leave.  When I get home, we have a homemade meal, ready to go.
21 Fall soup recipes