Technology Services

The Technology Services Department is made up of the Director, Jim Blodgett, the Assistant to the Director, Tugba Madaus, two system engineers, Heikki Heikkinen and Mike Talley, Technology Project Analyst Korey Kopp, four Technology Helpdesk Technicians assigned to the Helpdesk, George Abolins, Christine Lindblom, Daniel Perkins and Hugh Roughen and the Technology Service Manager, Paul Walton. Christine manages the incoming Helpdesk phone calls (9036) and routing the Helpdesk requests ( as well as supporting the Administrative Center. Dan focuses on our six elementary schools, Hugh focuses on the KMS and GCMS our middle schools, George focuses on the two high schools and looks after Apple computers, mobile devices.

Together, the ten of us support over 7300 students, 1100 staff and several thousand computing devices, including desktops, laptops and tablets. Our twelve buildings are connected with gigabit networks links that run over fiber leased from Charter Communications. In addition to the several thousand wired network ports to support data and communication needs, all of our buildings have a wireless network overlay to support mobile computing initiatives. Our 32 terabytes of data is managed by a storage area network with nearly 100 virtual servers providing access and computing services. In addition to on-premise storage, each of our users gets unlimited GB’s of email and file storage through our Google Apps for Education domains. Our gigabit Internet connection is provided through our membership in the Madison Unified Fiber Network, Unincorporated Association.