Racial Justice

In MCPASD, we are actively pursuing the intersection of political literacy and emotional literacy. Our focus is providing Professional Development to our staff that dives deep into dismantling systemic oppression. We have a vision for the liberation of our marginalized populations everywhere and especially in the structures we are continuously building in education. Mindful awareness practices enable us the capability and capacity to interrupt our habitual thought processes and biases so we can untether from the system to which we subscribe, knowingly and unknowingly. 

Contemplative Practices and Anti-Oppression Pedagogy
Little Brown Girls and The Whitewashing of Yoga
How the LGBTQ Experience Will Transform the Practice of Mindfulness
Mindfulness and the Non-Binary Body
Mindfulness and Acceptance For Gender Sexual Minorities
CTZN Well Podcast: angel Kyodo Williams
Mindful of Race

 We have a quarterly meeting we host across area districts (the Mindfulness & Equity Coalition) and if you’re interested in becoming involved, please let us know (under “Connect”).