Om Yeah Teams

Each location in MCPASD, including our District Services Center, has a trained team of volunteers who help bring mindful practices to our employees. We offer weekly movement and seated practices. We are especially grateful to Bliss Flow Yoga for providing us with the majority of our yoga instructors at each location!

Om Yeah Team Leaders include:

Northside: Erin Zetes

West Middleton: Sarah Zeroth & Brenda Autz

Elm Lawn: Nancy Karlsniehaus & Alexa Nommensen

Sunset Ridge: Brooke Soltis & Tara Franklin

Park: Diane Matzke

Sauk Trail: Kristin Pavelec

Kromrey Middle: Kerry Burke

Glacier Middle: Kristin Davis

Middleton High: Gust Athanas

Clark Street Community School: Sheila Gould Miller

District Office: Laura Love

There are many more who comprise the entirety of our Om Yeah team and collective efforts. Without these teams working together, we would not be able to mutually support and benefit from the communal practices at each location. Thank you to all involved!

MCPASD Wellness offers yoga class passes throughout the year. Please see our district Wellness page or your Om Yeah leader for more information.