The Practice of Presence: Mindfulness & Covid 19

 Can I practice mindfulness with my kids at home?

Internal Resources for educators and parents: 

Four minute standing movement practice

Five minute standing movement practice

Six minute seated movement practice

Kids Lead the Way! Eight minute movement practice

Kromrey Middle School’s Mindful Moment YouTube Channel

In our district we have multiple classes practicing mindfulness daily. One of the lessons we are learning in this critical time is that we have established practices so that when we are presented challenges, our resiliency is an anchor in the waters of fear and uncertainty. It is always a good time to begin and begin again. That is the practice

External Resources:

Parenting in a Pandemic – Susan Kaiser Greenland and Dan Harris podcast

Tips for Mindfulness and Coping with Anxiety (CV19 specific) – Mayo Clinic

Online yoga for kids – Live classes with Little Om Big Om

Mindfulness & Yoga for Kids – Little Flower Yoga

JusTme – Using Breath as an Anchor