Betsy Delzer is our Coordinator of Mindful Education & Leadership Development and has been an educator in Middleton-Cross Plains schools since 2001. In 2012, she began teaching yoga to our teachers and in that time, a wellness movement in education evolved organically. To date, teams in each of our locations have been trained to bring mindful practices to staff and students weekly. In addition to overseeing these teams, her position on the Executive Team offers staff, students, and leaders coaching support in the areas of EQ development, stress reduction, resilience, self-care, and mindful practices for personal and classroom application.


  • Street Yoga (a trauma-informed yoga training)
  • 200 hr RYT (yoga training) through Inner Light Studios (Wauwatosa, WI), an Integrative Yoga Therapy program.


  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Off the Mat, Into the World
  • Search Inside Yourself (Google) 
  • Mindful Schools
  • Growing Minds
  • Holistic Life Foundation
  • Learning to Breathe.